Friday, January 15, 2010

Iron Man 2 Will Be in IMAX

Today the IMAX Corporation, Marvel Entertainment, and Paramount Pictures released a joint press release stating that Iron Man 2 would hit digital IMAX theaters when the film is released this May.

According to the release, the IMAX release will be limited and achieved through digitally remastering "into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® with IMAX DMR® technology."

What does that mean to you? You'll be able to see (and hear) Iron Man 2 better than you would in a normal theater in 35mm -- just don't be disappointed when you realize that the movie doesn't fill up the entirety of a true IMAX screen. Unlike The Dark Knight which had entire scenes shot with IMAX cameras, Iron Man 2 is undergoing a post-production jazzing up, much like Watchmen did in 2009.


Watching Iron Man 2 at IMAX is worth the long as it is shot in IMAX!...What I know is, since it was not shot with IMAX cameras, it will be converted using their DRM technology.  Avatar in IMAX 3D was amazing!  So, unless something was shot for it, or is in 3D, it's not worth seeing it in IMAX.


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