Thursday, December 24, 2009

Anya Monzikova: Iron Man 2 Actress

By Sarah Luoma

HOT Russian, Anya Monzikova, is Iron Man 2 Actress! The model is part of the cast of the much anticipated Iron Man 2 flick due out this coming New Year. Get up to speed on blonde beauty Anya Monzikova below!

Anya Monzikova has been cast in Iron Man 2 being directed by Jon Favreau. Due out on the 7th of May in 2010, Anya will play Rebekah in the movie that centers around inventor Tony Stark and his determination to avoid sharing his inventions and brilliant knowledge with the Government!

As a biography Anya Monzikova, Iron Man 2 actress, was born in the year 1984. Her exact date of birth is unknown. Anya Monzikova is a native of Vologda, Russia. A WUSHU Martial Artist and actress, Anya first began her acting career dates back to when she was cast in the movie Gigi in 2005.

Since then Anya Monzikova has appeared in Deal or No Deal, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel Love as a model. In 2007, Anya took on a guest role in the TV series Medium before appearing in Cane and CSI: Miami. Monzikova has also been seen in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

During 2008, Anya found other work on the set of the movie Tropic Thunder in an unaccredited role before going on to appear in ‘Life’ in the role of Lex. In the same year Monzikova would go on to secure roles in Playing With Five as Marie and grab two episode guest role in the TV series Knight Rider.

Most recently the blonde Russian Iron Man 2 actress has starred in the Bruce Willis movie Surrogates as well as her already above mentioned upcoming role as Rebekah.

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